Lucid dreaming may seem like a complex skill, but it’s more accessible than you think. Anybody can learn to do it! Lucidity provides you with tools to help you on your journey to lucid dreaming.

Step 1: Dream Recall

The key to starting your lucid dreaming journey is to enhance your dream recall. While everyone dreams, some have the ability to remember their dreams better, and some tend to never remember their dreams. But there is good news: remembering your dreams is a practicable skill!

To do this, write down any details about your dream that you remember in the morning. If you don’t remember much, that’s OK! As soon as you wake up, avoid moving your body too much, keep your eyes closed, and ask yourself, “What did I dream about?”. At the beginning, even writing down one or two vague words or a feeling is fine.

You can setup a Morning Reminder in the app to remind you to write down your dream when you wake up. You can then use the built-in dream journal to simplify your logging.

Step 2: Reality Checks

Ask yourself this question: why aren’t all of your dreams lucid? It’s because your brain never questions reality. Why would it have to? Everything you experience is supposed to be real. It often happens that only after waking up do we realize how absurd the reality of the dream was.

To counter this, you can do what lucid dreamers call “Reality Checks”, throughout the day. A reality check is a small action that you can perform while consciously asking yourself if you are dreaming, like looking at your hand and counting your fingers or pinching your nose and trying to breath. In a dream, the test will often fail, which can help you become aware that something is wrong and trigger lucidity.

You can decide which reality check to perform, additionally to the two described above. It should be easy to remember, and also be easy to execute.

You can setup Reality Checks in the app to randomly notify you and remind you to perform a reality check.

Step 3: Your Dream World

Continue familiarizing yourself with your own dream world, to understand recurrent Dream Symbols, and which symbols or types of symbols often appear as bizarre or absurd. This will help you understand the content of your dreams.

Before going to bed, read your dreams from the previous night. Our brains naturally dismiss memories about dreams, so most commonly you will quickly forget about your dreams as soon as you get going about your day. Staying in the loop morning and evening about your dream world will get you used to thinking about them and reflecting on their content.

You can setup an Evening Reminder in the app to read your dreams again before going to bed.

Lucid Dreaming Techniques

The lucid dreaming community has come up with many different techniques to help induce lucid dreams. Most of them include waking up and going back to sleep while maintaining your dream state, such as WILD, MILD, and SSILD, techniques used for decades. Soon, Lucidity will have helpers to use these techniques!