Today, we are introducing new features to help you analyze your dreams through themes, emotions, AI interpretation, and even a specially crafted Dream Insight for each of your dreams!

How to analyze a dream

Open any dream and you’ll see the “Analyze my Dream” button. Make sure you have the latest version of the app from the Play Store.

Emotional Analysis

Based on Plutchik’s wheel of emotions, a largely used model in cognitive psychology, Lucidity will detect what emotions you were feeling during the dream and present them in a colourful flower composed of 8 petals, each representing a base emotion:

Joy, Sadness, Trust, Disgust, Surprise, Anticipation, Anger, and Fear.

The bigger the petal, the stronger the emotion in the dream. These main emotions are supposed to give a broad range and understanding of your emotional state during the dream.

This is useful to understand trends of positive and negative emotions in your dreams on the long term (we will soon introduce new graphs to show this).

If mistakes were made in the emotion detection, you can always click the “Edit” button and adjust the values yourself.

Tip: Click on an emoji face to show more details about the emotion!


Keep track of running motifs and themes in your dreams, and map dreams with common patterns across time!

themes_screenshot Lucidity can detect common themes that appear in your dream, and present them with fun little pictograms images. A theme is for example Family, Friendship, Acceptance, Fire, Confusion, Wedding, Nature, Spider, etc.

We will soon introduce graphs to map and group your dreams together by theme and discover your most common themes.

Tip: click on a theme to show its possible meaning and an explanation of why it was detected in your dream!

Confused about the difference between a theme and a symbol? Read our special article Themes VS Symbols.

AI interpretation

In this new era of AI, why not have a special AI that can give you an interpretation of the potential meaning of your dream? Our AI is capable of giving possible meanings about the content of your dream.


For example, if your dreams happens inside your home, the AI will suggest to you that the house may represent your inner self or your personal space, and in the specific context of what you are doing or how you are feeling inside the home, what could be the psychological meaning or what your dream could be trying to tell you.

Of course, any dream interpretation, whether done by an AI or a professional therapist, is subjective. The best person to truly understand the meaning of your dream is yourself, and anything else is just a tool to help you on this path. Lucidity gives you possible meanings and suggestions about what different elements in your dream could symbolize, and you can link it with recent events of your life to try and understand it better.

Dream Insight

Finally, Lucidity crafts a special Dream Insight for you, encapsulating a small tip or suggestion for your day to day life, that is extrapolated from all the previous analysis.

Tip: share your dream insight with your friends by clicking the Share button!


Getting Started with Dream Analysis

Dream Analysis works in most languages; the language of the dream will be used for the analysis.

Dream Analysis comes free and unlimited for our Pro users, and non-Pro users can use 1 of their credits for an analysis.

Tip: Invite a friend with the Referral Program to earn more credits!

We hope you enjoy these new features. More exciting stuff is coming soon, so stay tuned! As always, we are happy to hear any feedback you have, so write to us at with your comments!